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Information About Pamela & Pascal


 About Pascal
My lifes story begins in Pijnacker (Holland) 1972 on a thursday afternoon 2pm, after a couple of months we moved to the city The Hague and i still live there, i started in kindergarden and moved up to highschool, at that point i had no idear what to do with my life and didn't know what i wanted to do for work so i went to the technical school here in the Hague, there i learned about diverent kinds of work and it helped me to decide on what to and i had two years to decide, when the thirde year came up i saw the mechanic shop at school and that caught my intrest, i signed up for the two finial years to become a car mechanic, i enjoyed that very much and got thro the first year and second year and graduated technical school, then i went to part time school, that means 4 days working and one day you go to school, it was a two year training with books and 2 years on the job i started working at 1990 in may and i still work there and enjoy it still..

I have one sister who is 2 years older then me and lives on her own with her boyfriend and daughter of 6 months old, she is a reall cutie and i love her to death, I myself still live at home and was planning to start moving out last year, i almost bought a house across the street. good thing i didn't because next year i will Imigrate to the USA to be with the women i love with all my heart and soul's a big step for the both of us and also a change for the family and friends who live here in holland, they all suport my decision and i know it will be hard to leave here and i will sure miss them, tho we plan on visit holland as much as we can and that way we will not loose family ties and friends here...i also will miss Fool, she is our pet Cat, i call her Fool because she is..she does weird things and keeps making the same mistakes, altho she can be smart at times but i gues that only happens when she sleeps HeHeHe...

Here in Holland we speak the Dutch language, we all learn English at our schools because it's a second language here..may seem funny but i learned most of the English words and how to pronounce the words with watching tv and mostly with the BBC tv stations, also learned the basic stuff at school when i got online for the first time and started chatting online i had to have a dictionary by hand, that thing is worn out by now, i did learn alot from chatting and when i Met my fiancee Pamela it went even better because she was such a sweetheart to help me out and she still does help me if i cannot find the right word ore how to spell it....Now i hardly ever use the dictionairy *YAY*

Am in person an easy guy to go around with and loves romance and likes to laugh and smile, like the saying goes " a smile a day keeps the bad bugs away " i like to squash, tennis, bowl, go fishing and swimming..i love the beach and i like to go to the movies, cassino's, restaurants, theathre and funparks zoo's and visit markets ore shop, i also like to visit friends and family and i love all kinds of animals (Except Scorpions that is *ieekk*) I also like to work on cars and work with computers, not just games but build and repair is a fun new hobby of mine, i still find the Internet very fasinating even after 4 years i still love it. especially knowing i met the Lady of my dreams on the Internet *Smiles*

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About Pamela
I was born in 1969 in Caney, Kansas. It is a very small town, with a population of about 2,000, and is a beautiful place to live. There are a few points of interest here, and if you would like to learn more, click on the URL on our Links page. :o)

I am one of 5 children, both the only girl as well as the middle child *IEEK* I remember worrying that this would intimidate Pascal, but he handled it beautifully *giggle* As of now, I have 8 nieces and nephews, and one on the way.

I attended school from kindergarten through my Senior years in the Caney Valley School Districts, graduating with a total of 53 kids in my class, if my memory is correct *Grin* I lettered all four years in Forensics (competitive acting) and was the editor of the high school newspaper. I played parts in many of our school plays, and was voted Most Talented of our Senior Class. *HA!* My first year out, I decided to pursue my love of art, and attended Art College in Parsons, Kansas. Due to lack of funds, however, I moved to my father's home in Joplin Missouri, where I was assistant manager at Pizza Inn. While employed there, I had my first and only *so far* child, and we returned to Caney to live. I commuted to Coffeyville Community College where I graduated with both an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science in Medical Technology.

I began attending Pittsburgh State University in Pittsburgh, Kansas. However, on October 23 of that first year, I was involved in a serious car accident, and sustained disabling injuries to my left leg. So basically, my life came to a screeching halt at this time…not necessarily because of becoming disabled, but because the nature of the injury has led to a total of eleven surgeries to repair the damage over the past four years, and when I went back to my doctor (who is just the greatest, btw) on November 5th, hoping to get rid of the cast forever, I found out that the two new pins and plate had shifted…. So number twelve is scheduled for November 17th. *Sniff* Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

Activities I am involved in now include being a Den Leader in the local Cub Scout Pack, and I am also secretary of the newly founded Preservation For Historical Living Society. We are working on building a webpage for this now, so someday soon there will be a link to it also *smiles*

The Internet has been my lifesaver, in more way than one…not only has it kept me from going insane from boredom, but also it is where I met the love of my life *blush* It is also persuading me to change the course of my potential career, as  I have discovered an avid love for the computer.

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