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Pascal and Pamela's Cyber Ceremony Transcript

Saturday, May 16th, 1998

Sister Janie -> Hi Rob & Nicole! How are you all doing?

Pascal -> rob could you be so kind to fill in the guestbook.. *Please*

Sister Janie -> Pam is getting her brownies, real soon! :-)

Rob & Nicole -> I did not answer because I was doing that dear Pas..

Pascal -> Oh goodie...hope she doesn't eat too much of them at the same time *grin*

Babe -> I don't think she will have a chance, we will be helping her! *giggle*

Pascal -> Yeah i bet you do...*Laugh*

Pascal -> oh btw...the drinks are on the house today...

Sister Janie -> Pascal, go into icq please!

Pascal -> Okay...i am on my way...

Pascal -> i'm there sister

Pascal -> is nicole op het werk al Rob ?

Rob & Nicole -> No, not yet she is standing ready to leave in 20 minutes...

Pascal -> Hi some chips for me will ya...*giggle*

Sister Janie -> how is everyone?

Rob & Nicole -> Ja hoor,ik breng welke voor je mee,jij moet ze alleen afhalen...

Pascal -> i'm nervous *Grin*

Pascal -> En Bedankt he..

Sister Janie -> you will do just fine

Pascal -> i hope so sister :-)

Rob & Nicole -> Pas, I never knew you would marry before me!

Sister Janie -> I know that you will and so will pammie

Pascal -> *LoL* well you and Nicole have each other already...

Sister Janie -> you will be the first marriage i have done

Pascal -> and what better sister could we have gotten to do it Janie

Rob & Nicole -> August is not very far away anymore, and that will be VERY SPECIAL

Pascal -> it sure will be....*YaY8

Pascal -> Ohoh...already having typing problems here...*sigh*

Rob & Nicole -> Nervous fingers????

Babe -> Have your fingers turned to jelly Pascal? *giggle*

Pascal -> nervous mind and body....almost les...they aren't doing what i want *grin*

Sister Janie -> If they don't work now what are they going to be like in August? :-)

Pascal -> do you wanna know Sister ? cause i sure do *Smiles*

Sister Janie -> ROTFL

Pascal -> for a sister you have a naughty mind...*Smiles*

Sister Janie -> It is just how you took it! *laugh*

Babe -> LOL

Sister Janie -> Do you all want to start?

Pascal -> Hoi Christien *Smiles*

Babe -> We will let Pam find out! *giggle*

Pascal -> think we miss alot of people yet Les/Janie

Babe -> She tells us everything!!! :-)

Pascal -> not that for sure...*I hope*

chris -> sorry dat ik zo laat ben

Pascal -> tis nog niet begonnen hoor..

chris -> nog niet? dus ik ben nog op tijd...

Babe -> Sorry Rob we will be nice!!!!!!!!!!!1

Pascal -> Ya

chris -> wie zijn er nog niet dan?

Pascal -> phhh een hoop Christien..

chris -> dat is jammer!!!

Sister Janie -> Hello Chris, nice to meet you! :-)

Pascal -> Les...ask Pammie were the rest is ?

Rob & Nicole -> Ik gaa werken nu.

chris -> hello janie...

Babe -> She does not know!

Rob & Nicole -> Have a nice day and a lot of fun tonight, Bye Bye!!!

Pascal -> Les and Janie Meet Christien a very good friend of mine from Delft

chris -> bye bye rob en nicole

Pascal -> Bye bye Nicole...we will miss you..

chris -> yeah

Babe -> Bye Rob! Have a good day!

Sister Janie -> Why is he leaving? He is the best man!

chris -> zenuwachtig?

Pascal -> Nicole is leaving Janie..

Rob & Nicole -> I miss jou too, i will think of jou...

Pascal -> Ja nogal..

Rob & Nicole -> Rob will stay oke...

chris -> pas, hoe kom ik nu online?

Pascal -> dat ben je al..

Sister Janie -> OH!!!!!!! Bye Nicole, Don't work too hard! Pam said bye and thank you for The email!

chris -> want als ik nu kijk, onderin m'n balk, sta ik offline...

Pascal -> is niet mogelijk gezien je hierop zit chrissie.

Rob & Nicole -> Nicole will think of you,Pam and Pascal as well instead of potato chips....

Pascal -> *ROFL*

Babe -> We dumped Jennifer on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

chris -> ik heb wel de lijst van wie er allemaal zijn, maar als jij die inbeeld haal, kan ik niet tegelijkertijd typen...

Pascal -> oh ehm Christien klik even op de Guestbook en vul je naam effies in..

Pascal -> why Les ? poor Jennifer...

chris -> gaat niet...

Rob & Nicole -> ByeBye everyone, from Nicole...

Pascal -> Bub Bye Nicole...

chris -> bye bye nicole

Babe -> We accidently put her in a broken chair! :-(

Sister Janie -> Bye Nicole........

Pascal -> awwwww.....*Laugh*

chris -> en nu dan?

Rob & Nicole -> I don't like to go to work anymore...

Pascal -> laat maar Chrissie..

chris -> ok

Pascal -> what is keeping them...*Sigh*

chris -> mowt ik op sign drukken?

Pascal -> nee

Sister Janie -> I don't know

chris -> op wat dan?

Pascal -> les what does Pammie want to do....go for it or wait some more..?

Pascal -> Guestbook Rechts boven in je scherm

chris -> janie, your the sister from pamela?

chris -> ja, dat snap ik, maar ik kan niet mijn naam erin zetten ...dat doet hij nietů.

Sister Janie -> No, I am the Minister.

Pascal -> de dominee Chrsitien

chris -> ohhh

chris -> aha, op die manier...

Pascal -> oh druk dan maar op sign

Babe -> Pam said what the hell do you think!

chris -> haha

Pascal -> let's go then...*Smiles*

chris -> is het goed zo?

Babe -> She said hang on she has to change her music! :-)

Pascal -> perfect Chris

chris -> ok...wachten duurt lang he?

Pascal -> *Shoot* she's got the nervous feelings too huh..

Babe -> She is ready!

Pascal -> *Yay*

chris -> yeah

Sister Janie -> I think that is a understatement!

Pascal -> thank god i am not the only one *Laugh*

chris -> haha

Pascal -> Rob are you ready ?

Sister Janie -> Ok, everyone ready?

chris -> yes

Rob & Nicole -> Yes pas.

Pascal -> T/Y

Babe -> Janie, Jeniffer & I all give ((((((((Pas))))))))) & (((((((((Pam))))))))) Huggers! Sister Janie -> .

Sister Janie -> .

KSHoney -> ty *K*

Sister Janie -> .

Sister Janie -> .

Pascal -> Awwww ((((((((((( Huggers Back To Everybody))))))))

Pascal -> Hello My Sunshine..*Blush*

KSHoney -> Hello, my love *Kusjes*

Pascal -> Missed you *Bigger Kiss Back*

KSHoney -> Ik mis je zo....*zucht* :-)

Pascal -> You Look Beautiful in white love *Shy*

KSHoney -> *BLUSH*

Pascal -> can i stay out of the corner this time les ?

Babe -> Yes Pascal you can take your place. :-)

Pascal -> *Happy Dance*

Sister Janie -> lol

Pascal -> Give me youre hand Love...want to hold you *Blush*

Babe -> Here is a kleenex for everyone!

KSHoney -> case I pass out *giggle*

Sister Janie -> .

Sister Janie -> .

Sister Janie -> .

Sister Janie -> Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Cyber Marriage of Pascal (Pas) and Pamela (KSHoney) where-ever or how-ever you are at this moment in time or Cyberspace.

Sister Janie -> Dearly Beloved, when two people come together with their friends for a Cyber marriage ceremony, it is to celebrate the love already present and Guiding their relationship into the future. We are gathered together here In the sight of God, in the face and on the screens of this congregation, Both IRL (In Real Life) and in cyberspace to bless the cyber marriage of Pascal and Pamela and to celebrate with them.

Sister Janie -> In cyber marriage, husband and wife belong to each other, they are linked to each other in a most unique way, and they begin down a new path to the future, and we pray with them that by God's help they may fulfill His purpose for the future of their lives together.

Sister Janie -> Pascal and Pamela, if it is your intention to share with each other all that life will bring, with your promises you bind yourselves to each other as cyber husband and wife. So let us celebrate their present and future love together.

Sister Janie -> Poems will now be read by the Groom and Bride,respectively

Pascal -> If there are regrets, Let them be for things unimagined, unattained, Songs unsung, passions sadly tainted. To these regrets add one, Love reserved, restrained People who are treasured, as I treasure you, Can be separated by distance and time, Yet upon reuniting resume, As they had never been apart...Because in our hearts, We have always been together.

KSHoney -> I love you. Not just for who you are, But for who I am when I'm with you. I love you not for what you've done with your life...But for what you're doing to mine. I love you for making me good...and happy. And whole. Because that is what you do. Without a word. Without a gesture. Without a doubt. just by being yourself. Such a simple thing...But no one else in the world could do it. Only you.

Sister Janie -> The Groom and Bride will now exchange vows.

Sister Janie -> Pascal, do you take Pamela to be your wedded cyber wife? Will you love, comfort, honor and respect her? Will you promise never to place her on the ignore list, and to support her through computer glitches, modem malfunctions, miscommunication and server problems? Will you promise to email and to chat and to announce yourself as cyber married to any that ask until system crash you do part? Will you share all life has to offer both online and as much IRL (in real life) with her that is possible at this time, from this day forward?

Pascal -> Yes I Do.......................Ja Ik Wil *Happy Tears*

Sister Janie -> Pamela, will you take Pascal to be your wedded cyber husband? Will you love, comfort, honor and respect him? Will you promise never to place him on the ignore list, and to support him through computer glitches, modem malfunctions, miscommunication and server problems? Will you promise to email and to chat and to announce yourself as cyber married to any that ask until system crash you do part? Will you share all life has to offer both online and as much IRL (in real life) with him that is possible at this time, from this day forward?

KSHoney -> Ja, Ik Wil.............Yes I do.....*Snif* :-)

Sister Janie -> The Groom and Bride will now exchange vows.

Pascal -> I Pascal, take you Pamela, to be my cyber wife, my friend, my love. I needed the strength of a companion who could understand me and accept me for who I was. I needed a special friend with whom I could share both laughter and tears. I needed a confidante who would always be ready to share hopes, dreams, and secrets. I needed you. Finding you and loving you has become the central event in my life. I promise to love you and laugh with you, comfort and encourage you, be open with you and stay with you. This is my solemn vow.

KSHoney -> I Pamela, take you Pascal, to be my cyber husband, my friend, my love. I needed the strength of a companion who could understand me and accept me for who I was. I needed a special friend with whom I could share both laughter and tears. I needed a confidante who would always be ready to share hopes, dreams, and secrets. I needed you. Finding you and loving you has become the central event in my life. I promise to love you and laugh with you, comfort and encourage you, be open with you and stay with you. This is my solemn vow.

Sister Janie -> Those whom God has cyberly joined together, let no one put asunder. If anyone knows of any reason why this marriage should not take place double click now, or forever hold your mouse.

Sister Janie -> From the separateness of their families, upbringing, experiences and values these two have come together across the Atlantic Ocean, bringing what is unique about them to this moment. Now there, they are cyber husband and wife!

Sister Janie -> Before God and this congregation, both IRL (in real life) and throughout Cyberspace you have given your consent and made your cyber marriage vows to each other. You have declared your cyber marriage by declaring your love. Now, with the blessing of God the Creator, let us all give our blessings to Pascal and Pamela so that they may continue their lives along their chosen Cyberpath.

Sister Janie -> By the power vested in me by the laws of cyberspace and the Universal Life Church, I hereby pronounce to the world that you are cyber husband and wife!

Sister Janie -> Pascal, you may **KISS** your Cyber Bride!!!!

Pascal -> Long Kiss With passion And My Love I Have for you...*Kiss*

Pascal -> I Love You Pamela *Blush*

KSHoney -> Long Kiss with Passion and My love I have for you *SMAK*

KSHoney -> I love you, my husband *blush*

Pascal -> *Happy Dancing*

Pascal -> Thank You Sister Janie!

Sister Janie -> Now I introduce you to Mr & Mrs. Van S!

KSHoney -> *Smiles*

chris -> GEFELICITEERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Janie -> Congratulations

Rob & Nicole -> Kisses to the both of you husband and wife

KSHoney -> Ty everyone *smiles*

Pascal -> Thank You are all the best of friends *Smak*

chris -> congratulations!!!!!

chris -> thats what friends are for!!!

Sister Janie -> Leslie, Jennifer and Janie give you their best!

KSHoney -> I didn't pass out!! *Happy Dance* Giggles

chris -> dat was mooi, pas!!

Pascal -> Ja is het ook..*Snif*

Sister Janie -> kisses to you Pam & Pascal!

chris -> hoe voelt het nu om getrouwd te zijn?

Pascal -> i told you so, didn't i love *Smiles*

KSHoney -> Kisses back, to Leslie, Janie, and Jennifer *smiles*

Pascal -> Heerlijk. Wonderful..

KSHoney -> Yes, you did, love *grin*

Pascal -> also kisses back to Leslie Janie, Jennifer *Kiss& Hug*

Rob & Nicole -> It did need a handkerchief

Babe -> Janie had to leave, she is on her way to your house, Pam!

KSHoney -> Goodie *grin*

Pascal -> can i come to ?

KSHoney -> Yes, did *giggle*

KSHoney -> YES!!!!!! :-)

KSHoney -> Or should I say Ja, Ja, Ja *grin*

Sister Janie -> I think Pam needs to break out that cider!

Pascal -> thanks for being the witness, Robbie...*Big Hug*

chris -> nice to meet you pamela!!

Babe -> lol

KSHoney -> Nice to meet you, too Chris *smiles*

Pascal -> HHaHa i like Ya Ya Ya Ya too, Baby..

chris -> was very nice...

KSHoney -> ty for coming *smiles*

Rob & Nicole -> Pam, when can we kiss you for your marrying in person?

Babe -> Now I know you are out of your corners, but you all can still wait till the honeymoon! :-)

KSHoney -> As soon as I get there, Rob *giggle*

Pascal -> you are evil Les *ROFL*

KSHoney -> Isn't she? *giggle*

Rob & Nicole -> We really hope to meet you soon in the Netherland!!!!!!!!

chris -> yeah

Babe -> Hey, that is why they call it that! :-)

KSHoney -> Hope it will be soon, too *grin*

KSHoney -> Janie is here at my house now *grin*

Pascal -> that was quick...*Grin*

Rob & Nicole -> Pas hoe is het nu om getrouwd te zijn, voelt het beter???

Babe -> Hi Janie! Long time no see you! *giggle*

chris -> pas, ik ga, want er zijn nog anderen...

Pascal -> Heerlijk Rob *Glimlach*

KSHoney -> Yup.......thought I was gonna die before we got going tho *giggle*

Pascal -> is goed Christien...Bedankt voor het aanwezig zijn *Smak*

chris -> ik spreek je snel weer...

chris -> ik vond het leuk om mee te maken...

Pascal -> oke..see ya

Pascal -> christien has to go everybody..

chris -> bye bye everyone...

KSHoney -> Bye to Christien *smiles*

Rob & Nicole -> Bey Christien...

Sister Janie -> bye Chris, nice to met you! Hope to talk to you soon! :-)

chris -> bye bye pamela!!!

KSHoney -> Bye *smiles*

chris -> bye janie...i hope so...

chris -> bye bye.............

Rob & Nicole -> I, as Bestman of Pascal would like to thank Janie for the nice speech she made. Perfect.....

Sister Janie -> *ty*

Pascal -> Sweety.....come to me my love...*Smiles*

KSHoney -> where are we going? *grin*

Babe -> I have more kleenex, if you need it, Rob!

Pascal -> not yet Love....just wanted to hold and kiss you..

KSHoney -> *BLUSH*

Pascal -> how does it feel to be married to me, Love ? *Smiles*

KSHoney -> Wonderful *grin*

Pascal -> I Love you!

Sister Janie -> I think we need some drinks to make a toast to the new couple.

Rob & Nicole -> in behalf of Nicole, I will say a prayer for a long and happy life for Pascal and Pamela (maybe with a lot of kids later)..

KSHoney -> Ik hou ook van jou Kanjer

Pascal -> 2 will do just fine Rob *laugh*

KSHoney -> lol

Pascal -> Janie Were is the Cider ?

Sister Janie -> Pam has it!

Rob & Nicole -> From the bottom of our hearts,you two both are GREAT I am almost crying...

KSHoney -> We have toasting glasses and drinks here, love *grin*

KSHoney -> Awwwww......*smiles*

Pascal -> Here is a Toast to all the people that have come and joint in this happy day for us *Thank You*

Rob & Nicole -> I'm thirsty as well, but i can drink from my kleenex....

Sister Janie -> lol


Sister Janie -> Here is a drink Rob, put the kleenex away!

Rob & Nicole -> In German the Say "ein, zwie drei zouven"...

Sister Janie -> Rob as Bestman,would you like to do the honor?

Pascal -> *Grin*

Sister Janie -> Ok, fill me in please on the german saying please!

Rob & Nicole -> Dear beloved, I am happy to be Bestman and KNOW these two people love each other very much so I like to say EIN, ZWEI, DREI, ZOUVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babe -> clink

KSHoney -> *Clink*

Pascal -> Rob behave youreself...there is a sister in the room here.

Sister Janie -> Clink

Rob & Nicole -> clink

KSHoney -> ehm......what did we just clink to then? *lol*

Pascal -> *Clink*

Pascal -> you really don't wanna know...

KSHoney -> ROB!!!!! *laugH*

Babe -> clink for Jennifer also!

Babe -> Yes we do want to know! :-)

KSHoney -> Should have heard the first thing Rob ever told me about Pascal, Leslie *Giggle*

Rob & Nicole -> and a clink from Nicole

Rob & Nicole -> I know a lot more, but i can't tell you anymore because you are married now (joke)

KSHoney -> Hmm.....*Giggle*

Rob & Nicole -> Hey Husband,were are you??????

Rob & Nicole -> Oke pam, next time call him SCHUIMPIE (that realy nice ).. .. Nojoke!!!

KSHoney -> K.....I am trusting you, Rob *grin*

Pascal -> You better not Love...

Babe -> this is Jennifer your going to have to fill me in.I dont trust any of you.

KSHoney -> Well, I already looked at the dirty dictionary and it wasn't in there ....*giggle*

KSHoney -> ROFL @ Jennifer

Pascal -> still can be a bad name to use at someone...

Sister Janie -> Rob?

Rob & Nicole -> Pas dont interfere i am talking to your wife, and it is really something lovers say to one another, Yes janie...

Pascal -> just a click of a button away Rob...*Grin*

Rob & Nicole -> Oke Pam make it TEDDYBEAR...

KSHoney -> *giggle*

Sister Janie -> Translate please, I won't tell am.

KSHoney -> am=pam

Rob & Nicole -> Let me look it up...

Rob & Nicole -> teddy (bear)

Babe -> Pas, this is still Jennifer, how are you feeling?

Rob & Nicole -> Thanks Pas I am still here *giggle*

Pascal -> I am over the hills Jennifer...i have never felt so good as now *Smiles*

KSHoney -> *BLUSH*

Sister Janie -> Is that head over heels or do you feel like a small mountain?

Pascal -> like the mountain Everest. Higher i can't get Les..

KSHoney -> Have I told you lately how wonderful I think you are? *grin*

Pascal -> i just married the most beautiful and sweetest lady around the world...

Rob & Nicole -> Pas, We are realy happy you found the girl you were always looking for, You are a Great friend and now even greater!!

KSHoney -> Awwwwwww!!!! *SMAK*

Pascal -> *Smak En *Knuffel terug*

Rob & Nicole -> And Pamela, how are you feeling now??

KSHoney -> Wonderful, thank you *smiles*

Pascal -> Missing you my love..*Sigh*

KSHoney -> Missing you too :-(

Rob & Nicole -> For this special Day I baked some Viatnamese Loempiatjes "HEERLIJK" *giggle*

KSHoney -> Hmm......have to translate that one for me, Rob *Grin*

Rob & Nicole -> Ask Pas, he really likes them...

Pascal -> there is no way i am translating that for sure..

Rob & Nicole -> I am always joking with that....

KSHoney -> Now I am curious *giggle*

Pascal -> no reason to be curious love...

Rob & Nicole -> its some kind of egg roll...

KSHoney -> Btw, thank you for the beautiful email, love *smiles* I got it while I was waiting to come in the room *grin*

KSHoney -> And tell Nicole ty for the one she sent also, Rob.....and thank you to you both for the card *smiles*

Pascal -> *giggle* Thank you also brightened my day with yours *Smiles*

Babe -> Rob I know what you are talking about I make them all the time....

KSHoney -> Was hoping it would, Love *grin*

Rob & Nicole -> He will only came and visit me when I bake them, of course I'll to that right away..

Pascal -> it sure did...gave me so many daydreams *Smile*

Pascal -> Rob there is a Mouse pointer on your name right now...

KSHoney -> Oh goodie *grin*

Rob & Nicole -> I am only telling the truth, She has the right to know some strange habits of yours, but ok I'll stop GROTE VRIEND...

Pascal -> oh your pushing the limit here Rob....*Evil Grin*

KSHoney -> Is Rob picking on you, Love? :-)

Pascal -> think he bumped his head somewhere...*Smiles*

KSHoney -> ROFL

Rob & Nicole -> P...........!!!!!!!

Pascal -> At what time do you want to go to our place, Love ?

Rob & Nicole -> No, Pam joking he is a real nice Person, that is why i like him so much...

Rob & Nicole -> He WAS my brother-in-law but will always be my brother-in-law and Friend...

KSHoney -> Don't worry, Rob....I believe you *smiles* I think he is just wonderful