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Interview Examination


One week later, Monday morning 9:30am, again I stood in front of the Embassy in Amsterdam ready and a bit nervous for my interview.  I walked into the room and headed to that same window as last time. There was a person in front of me and I waited until I heard the lady call my name. As I waited, she asked for my passport and the bank statement of the 90,-guilders I needed to transfer to them. She told me to wait in the next room and so I wasn't a long wait thank god..just an hour or so, though there was a nice couple in front of me that didn't get their visa due to not enough evidence that they needed to show. That didn't help me much and made me a little more nervous! 

 Finally the lady called my name and there I was, standing in front of the window. The lady asked me how I was doing, and I thought that was a easy question to begin with! *Smiles* Then she asked me questions that basically verified what was on the paperwork in front of her about the Affidavit of Support and I told her the story about Pam's accident and why she didn't have a job. "No problem", she said, and she asked me what the name of the co-sponsor was who signed the Affidavit of Support, and if all the papers were the truth and filled out correctly and I said YES! Then she told me to raise my right hand and I took the oath, and she asked me again very simple questions, (1) How did I meet my fiancee? 2)Did I meet her in person? 3)Did she ever visit Holland?) and then she told me Congratulations and gave me a number and told me I can pick up my Visa between 3:30pm till 4:00pm...I told her thank you with a huge smile and I left the Embassy because it was just 11am..and I went home and woke Pam from her sleep and told her the good news.

 As you can see, the lady never asked for pictures and tickets and phonebills, etc., etc., but that doesn't mean that you don't need it, because Pam had already made copies of everything and sent it with the packet to Nebraska, so they already had it all there. It made my part a little easier. Please note that you need all the evidence you can get and to take it with you, including all the ORIGINAL papers and copies and even take things with you that you might think won't be needed, because you never know, you could need it. When I got back to the Embassy, I saw about 35 people standing there already but it went all pretty fast. We got in the Embassy and I got out 25 minutes later. Oh, and before you leave, check your Visa for mistakes just to make sure it's okay...