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Medical Examination


The date was Monday, June 14th, 1999 at 8:30am and the sun was shining as I walked into the Embassy to have my medical examination. Before I could go inside I had to show my passport and the letter with my appointment. The guy told me to head up to window 5. It was more of a cubicle, really, and I told the lady at it that I was here for my medical. She told me to sit down and wait there. 

Luckily, it wasn't a long wait at all and only took about 10 minutes for my turn to come up. The lady asked for my birth certificate and a passport picture and she said that the rest she didn't need to see, because everything else was already in the package that Pamela had sent in to Nebraska. So I had a very easy time compared to the other people who went before me. The lady gave me a piece of paper with directions on it to go to the hospital and then to the doctor. This was very handy, I might add, and I went outside and walked my way there, knowing I had a parking spot paid till 11:40 so there was plenty of time.

 Once in the hospital, I sat down and waited for a X-ray picture, and that went pretty quick too..just the price of it that got to me because I had to pay 85,- guilders (somewhere in the area of 43 american dollars) for a single picture and you couldn't even see it was me!!*Pout* :o) So, with the X-ray in my hands, I walked up to the Doctor and it was on the 4th floor *Ieekk!!* The doctor turned out to be very friendly and he had a good sense of humor too. But there is just one thing that I hadn't anticipated...more paper work *Sigh* The doctor gave me two pieces of paper to fill out, with questions like "Did you ever have this?" or "How many times have you had this?"  He checked me from top to toe and took blood and gave me a cocktail shot (an immunization shot for more than one thing). The check didn't take long at all, just the 2 pieces of paper you need to fill in was a bit too much *Sigh* When I was finished, I paid  269.- guilders to the doctor, so that the total was like 381.-guilders. 389,- guilders with the parking fee I had to pay. So please make sure that if you go to the Embassy in Amsterdam to take some change with you, at least 18 guilders. At least 500 guilders to be able to pay for it all...

Next is the Interview. *YaY*