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How Pamela and Pascal Met


Our story begins in November of 1997, right here on the Internet. We met through a mutual friend and started chatting almost every day. Pascal lives in Holland, and I live in the US, but even with 5,000 miles and a 7 hour time difference, we managed to spend quit a bit of time together and we had a wonderful friendship.

That old saying about finding the truest love right before your eyes is so real!! I bought a scanner in December of 97 and sent a pic of myself to Pascal, mainly so we could put faces with the names on the screen. What follows is a copy of the email he sent back to me....

Sun Dec 21 02:42:54 1997

Hello Pam,

I got your Email and Picture, you have done it the right way and thank you, I will send you my picture and I hope you can see it there..You are a beautyfull lady and I see no trubbles why you shouldn't send that picture to others *Blush* I hope to talk to you today when you get online send me a message by telling me so and I will be there too okay>>??<< Btw I have made a homepage to on geocities have a look and tell me what you think of it

Until then Pam looking forward to chat with you again and I hope you had a easy evening Friday *Giggle*

Love and Kisses


Pascal said later that the moment he saw my picture that he fell in love and knew I was the one for him *blush*. And I have to admit that I was drooling over his pic too *giggles* I mean, who could resist that blond hair and those killer blue eyes?!

All I can say is that this was the turning point for us. We were totally addicted. I still remember the date - it was January 5th and Pascal asked me if I wanted to go steady with a crazy Dutch dude...I just sat in front of that screen with a big, silly grin and quickly typed back "YES!!" :-)

We already knew it was true love; no questions about it. Pascal asked me to marry him, and I said yes. We had a cyber ceremony performed on May 16th, and it was more beautiful than either of us could have imagined. *Sigh* To read more about it, go to cyberwedding on the menu bar.

Wow! What a way to start out, huh?! *Grin* I kept standing and watching people coming off of that plane, holding my breath and hoping that the next face would be his, but nothing...then someone called my name and handed me a note, saying Pascal was stranded. I remember Leslie saying "It's okay, Pam" (She thought I was going to cry) and all I really wanted to do was shake that guy!!

After a bunch of frantic calls back and forth to Pascal in Memphis and our families, Leslie, Janie and I decided to go get him. Poor Pascal..I knew he was freaking out; I know I was! We picked up his luggage in Tulsa (yes, it somehow miraculously made the trip) and drove all night to Memphis. Leslie's stereo wasn't working, so we kept ourselves awake and entertained by singing show tunes *Grin*

We reached Memphis just as the sun was coming up. It was SOO beautiful! The trip home was interesting; August in Oklahoma is a scorcher, and we baked all the way home. But even with the heat and the lack of sleep, I have to admit that it was the best road-trip I have ever taken in my life :-)  


So the day came that we would be together for the very first time since we met on the Internet in a chat and saw pictures of each other. My flight didn't go as planned and I got stranded in Memphis! There was no other flight for that day and Northwest couldn't guarantee me one for at least 2 more days. I was already 28 hours awake with no sleep...So Pamela and her friends, Leslie and Janie, decided to pick me up in Memphis, which is a 7 hour drive from Tulsa airport where I should have landed. The luggage did arrive and Pamela picked that up and they drove to poor me stranded in Memphis, first time I flew on a plane and first time in another country. They got there at 6am in the morning and I was already falling apart with sleep and worries. I looked at the door of the airport to see their car or to get a glimpse of Pamela, Leslie and Janie; but I saw so many people walking that my mind was already asleep. Then I looked up and saw an empty airport in front of me and when I looked to my right, I saw Pamela, but it didn't hit me at that point- that took 5 seconds- and then I realized that she was there! Both of us ran to each other and jumped in each other's arms and gave hugs and huge kisses. From that moment we saw each other, we fell in love again and we knew this was true love on both sides. When we got in the car we drove to Pamela's house and that was another 7 hours until I could get close to a bed. All we could do in the car was look into each others eyes and smile and blush, poor Leslie and Janie what will they have thought >?<

I saw the countryside and you have to remember, I had never been to another country before in my whole life and I was already 32 hours awake. Half-way I looked again at Pamela and whispered the words "I Love You" into her ear, and she turned around and whispered "I Love You Too Pascal", we both had a huge blush on our faces, must have been a pretty sight too...then I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and dropped my head on Pamela's lap and fell asleep. It wasn't a long sleep though, but it did feel very good. :o) When we arrived at Pamela's house we waved good bye to the two most wonderful friends we have; Leslie and Janie. We put the luggage inside and sat down on the couch and we talked some more and I tried to contact home and tell them I was safe and sound there, but there was a problem with the phone, so I Emailed the story to my relatives, Rob & Nicole, and they relayed the message to my parents..

We had the most wonderful three weeks of our lives and we got more than we could have dreamed about and hoped for. We went camping and sightseeing to all different places, and I met almost the whole family and all the friends that are in Pamela's life. It all matched perfectly with everybody and we made new plans to be together again. We also had a talk about what to do in the future and I already decided for myself that I wanted to move to America to be with Pamela, so that was an easy talk to have! Now we have the Immigration problem to face and you will be able to read that story in the K-1 Nightmare on the Menu..

The last week went too fast for us, and before we knew it we were in Tulsa again in that airport for me to return to home. It was very emotional and I hope that we don't have to say good-bye anymore someday soon... The next time we will be together will be on December the 25th 1998, and we are planning a wonderful Christmas together and go into the New Year with each other. That will be a perfect time for the both of us, and we have some weeks to go before we are together again...  

This is the End of this is possible that this will be updated or more
stuff added to keep checking back for more information.


A lot sure has happened since our last update……

Surgery #12 was done on November 18th, and things seemed to be going well….I was scheduled to return to the Dr on December 7th to have my stitches removed and get a new cast put on. All I really can recall from that visit is that it was TREMENDOUSLY painful when they took them out….but that isn’t always unusual, because the cast will rub on them and irritate them. I left KC thinking I was home free now….the surgery they did consisted of a HUGE metal rod that (in the x-rays that I have seen) runs from the bottom of my foot, ¾ the way up inside my large leg bone. The Dr had done a couple of bone grafts as well; one right under my knee and one from my heel, so I had a few new interesting scars *SIGH* I went home feeling very optimistic about the whole situation….

By December 10th, I was starting to feeling ill; and as the days went by, I came to a point to where sitting in front of the computer had become unbearable (which should give some insight into the state I was in *grin*) When my foot started burning, I decided it was time to get back to the Dr and see what the problem was. I made the call on Dec. 14th and he had me back in his office by December 17th. I began to realize I might be in for more trouble than I had bargained for when the Nurse was removing the cast….I had NEVER felt pain like that! Then we saw the foot—it was a deep purply/black on the outer left side, and swollen 4 times its normal size…and to make it worse, there was icky stuff (technical term there) in it. The Dr was brought in the room immediately, took one look and confirmed that we had an extremely serious situation on our hands. I had a blatantly obvious and deep infection, which would have to be drained immediately and then operated on once again *SIGH* He cut it open and began draining in his office. It was the first time I actually cried from pain through this whole ordeal …..and I hope to NEVER again feel that!!!!! This is the closest I have came to losing my foot since the night of the accident *sigh* If I would have waited any longer, they would have had no choice….

I was admitted back into the hospital (at this point, we were 8 days away from Pascal’s arrival) and taken to surgery to irrigate the wounds and find out just what type of infection we were dealing with…..At this point, I talked to Pascal and told him if he wanted to put off his visit for a while, it was okay with me. Well, he said under no uncertain terms he was going to be here! He was going nutty with worry by this time anyway, and pointed out that if it was him instead of me, I would be reacting the same (He was right :o))

Of course, (and you will learn this about me) I never seem to be able to do anything halfway….the infection turned out to be a very tough form of Staph .Mycelitic (sp?) resistant. Only one drug on the market that could beat it *SIGH* And it was ingrained into the bone as well as the soft tissue; which meant I had more than likely had it since the beginning, and it picked now to come out….

By the 20th, things seemed to be looking up. My toes were back to normal color, which made me think we were on the right path…then the Dr came in to check my foot and low and behold, the OTHER side of my foot had broken out with the same damn thing *AHHHH!* I returned for surgery number 15 immediately. Then they took me straight to Infectious Diseases where I had a Picc line placed in my arm. (in layman’s terms is an extremely long-lasting IV that is threaded directly to my heart)

One of the nurses who was assisting with my operation also happened to be my best friend’s sister (can you believe the luck? *Grin*) and she told the Dr our sad little story of Pascal coming for Christmas and me being in the hospital….and he was the greatest….made sure I was home by December 23rd *YAY*

I had to bring an IV pole home with me and a huge mess of Vancomycin (was going to say drug of choice, but is the ONLY drug in this case) and began a twice daily ritual of a nurse coming to my home at 8am to hook me up for an hour, and then returning at 8pm to repeat the process….which is still continuing as of this writing (3-6-99)

Pascal’s plane was scheduled to land in Tulsa Christmas night, at 10:05. Clearly, I couldn’t go get him, so my mother and her brother and his family went to get him (see, they just love him already *Giggle*) Leslie came to my house to help me get ready….really, how good can you be looking after all this>?<*IEEK*

I was all worried about his reaction when he stepped in the door, and the fact that we couldn’t really go do anything this time, unless I planned on dragging an IV pole and a nurse with us *Sad* But the second I saw him, it was like a huge relief to have him here….and I knew he had made the right decision to come. One thing you learn quickly about long distance relationships is that any time spent together, no matter what the circumstances, is quite precious!

And as tired as he was after the flight, we waited until everyone had left and he gave me my Christmas present….a beautiful engagement ring *Blush* (Not only is he handsome and smart, he has wonderful taste too *Giggle*) In spite of the fact that we couldn’t go very far, we still had an absolutely wonderful time just being together :o) And we now know for sure that if we can handle something like this, we can handle ANYTHING that comes along! He even stayed overnight in the hospital with me when I had to return for a glitch in my Picc line….he is soooooo wonderful!!!

While Pascal was here, he signed the appropriate paperwork for the K-1 visa, and we opened a bank account here in town. Yes, this is possible. (See our K-1 Nightmare for more details) Our engagement announcement came out in the local newspaper on January 13th, so everywhere we went, people were congratulating us and wishing us luck…it was neat *giggle*

Soo, up to this date, we are playing the waiting game; talking every day and working on wedding plans, and I am working on getting RID of this picc line before long *Hope* They measure by way of a Sed rate (something about the amount of inflammation in my body; 0-20 is the range we are shooting for, and I am sitting at 26 right now *YAY*) And at my last appointment, which was on February 18th, the Dr confirmed that I was healing nicely now, and I am relearning to walk *HAPPY DANCE* :o) My goal is to be able to walk down the aisle without limping….so cross your fingers!!!!

This Our First Award from Cyber Romance..Were Pretty Proud About it Too!!