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The Proposal

Goodmorning My Sunshine!

I know i asked you to marry me when we were in Chat, well i want to ask you again but then in a way i wanted, i couldn't stop thinking that you deserved a better proposal then just a sentence on a chatroom screen, that made me look for that something that shows my feelings for you and that i would love to tell you *Blush* You know Poetry and words of rhythm are nice to listen to and they make you feel so good....but sometimes it's difficult to express love in a riddle ore a word ore two..So i want you to know you are everything to me, and i have only known you for a such short while, There is something deep, from the essence of my very soul that instructs me on this very day to say "You are my sweetheart, and soon to be my wife" we have a DREAM most people can never find, Something REAL Something Divine On this day i ask of you to share in this DREAM to love me forever as i will LOVE you. To become a part of my soul, my heart too...I Ask you to accept this ring as a SYMBOL of oure LOVE And Remember us always As Flying DOVES. I Will love you forever with all my heart, Will You Marry me Sweet Darling And Become My Sweet Wife ? *Blush* this is the way i have wanted to ask you Honey, i hope you like it and i will await youre Answer *Smile*

Youre Future Husband And Soulmate.

Hugs And Tons Of Kisses


Pamela's Answer To The Proposal

Pascal, my love,

To open this mail and read the words you have chosen made me realize all over again how lucky I am to have found you. You are so full of surprises! *blush* In the time that I have known you, you have given me a better understanding of myself. You showed me that true love is possible, and that following my heart has led me to you - the one I have been searching my whole life for... You keep me lost in dreams of our life together....of how wonderful it will be for me to be at your side, to have you to love and to hold and to grow old together. To have someone to trust with my heart, and knowing you would be there always....That is all I have ever wanted, have ever dreamed of. And now I know that the dream has a face and a name and a loving, caring heart. And to know that you love me has me walking on clouds. *blush* You are the most wonderful person I have ever met. You are the love of my life, Pascal. We do share the most wonderful dream, and to have you ask me to become your wife makes my heart sing, and tears run down my cheeks. And my answer is yes, I will share my life and my love, my heart and my soul. Yes, I will love you forever. Yes, I will be your wife! *smiles* *tears*

That was the most beautiful proposal I could ever imagine. *sigh* I will keep it close to my heart and treasure the words that you have written.

I love you so very much!

Your Future Wife and Soulmate *Kusjes en Knuffels*