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There are a few simple rules for joining our Dutch American K-1 WebRing:

  1. Your site must be about your Dutch American K-1, or that of a friend/acquaintance /family member etc. for whom you have created the page.

2. A. For obvious reasons you must enter the HTML Code fragments and logo, which you will receive via email after you have submitted your site to the queue, to your home page.

B. If you do not add these HTML fragments within 7 days of submitting your site to the ring, and if they are not on the home page (the first page) you will not be added to the ring.

C. Please do not "bury" your web ring links deep within a web ring page. I understand that many people are part of many web rings, and it keeps your web pages tidier by having one page dedicated to all of your web rings. However, I feel that doing this defeats the purpose of having a web ring for a particular subject. If you place the Dutch American K-1 WebRing links on a web ring page only, and not the first page of your Dutch American K-1 WebRing, you will not be added to the ring.

3. I alone reserve the right to determine if your site is appropriate for the ring. My decisions may seem arbitrary to you but if I find your site to be offensive or inappropriate, I will not allow it on our Ring.

4. Absolutely no vendors will be allowed in this ring. Its purpose is to link personal web pages without advertisements for Cyberwedding services. There can be links to vendors' sites on the personal web pages, but no vendor shall be a direct part of this particular ring.

We hope to see your website soon onto the ring..

For questions or comments, please feel free to email us...

Dutch American K-1 WebRing
This Dutch American K-1 Ring owned by Pascal&Pamela.

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