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TAB: (A) APPLICATION FORMS (additional information)

  I-134 Affidavit of Support (Notarized) (Sponsor)

This was mine (Pamela). The affidavits of Support are supposed to only be needed at the Consulate, when your fiancé(e) goes for their interview, but I have met more than one person who sent in their K-1 without it, and it was requested of them before approval would be given. This is another case where it is better to be safe than sorry!

I-134 Affidavit of Support (Notarized) (Co-Sponsor)

We had to use a co-sponsor, as my income was not above the poverty level guidelines (bummer, huh?) Your income level must be above 125% the current poverty level in order to qualify. Assets can be counted towards this also. The following paragraphs are taken directly from the INS homepage :

That is the current poverty level?

The poverty level announced in the March 10, 1997, Federal Register for the contiguous United States is $7,890 for a family unit of one person, with $2,720 added for each additional person. At the 125 percent level, these amounts are $9,862 and $3,400 respectively. Under the new income requirements, a sponsor would need to have an annual income of $20,062 to support four persons. In 1996, the poverty level for Alaska is $9,870 for one person with an increment of $3,400 for each additional person; the figures for Hawaii are $9,070 and $3,130. Sponsors living in these States would need to have incomes at least 125 percent of these levels.

How is household size determined?

Household size for purposes of the affidavit of support includes the sponsor and anyone related to the sponsor by birth, marriage, or adoption living in the sponsor's residence for at least 6 months, dependents listed on the sponsor's Federal income tax return for the most recent tax year, immigrants previously sponsored on the new affidavit of support if the support obligation has not terminated, and the persons sponsored in the current affidavit of support (the principal immigrant and any accompanying spouse and/or children.)

Form I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancé WITH Attachment

The attachment is from 129F, part b, line 19; proof of relationship

Someone on the newsgroup (again, I can’t remember who!) added this. If I remember correctly, it apparently came from the Texas office as a guideline for this attachment:

1. How and when you met 2. How long you have known the beneficiary 3. How long you have been corresponding with the beneficiary 4. Submitted proof of correspondences 5. Submitted photographs of the beneficiary and yourself 6. Have you met the beneficiary’s family? 7. Religious backgrounds 8. Does the beneficiary speak and understand your language? 9. What are the beneficiary’s hobbies and interests? 10. What are your hobbies and interests? 11. What arrangements have been made for the wedding? 12. When do you intend to enter into a lawful marriage with the beneficiary?

This is the format we used, but once again, there are many ways to do this.

Form G325A Biographic Information of Petitioner

Please be careful to make sure that you use the words “none” or “no” and NOT “N/A” where stated!!!! This is very important, as it will stall your application. They will send a new letter, asking for more information if you don’t do it correctly.

Also, very important….down on the bottom left hand side of the form is a little box that says “This form is submitted in connection with application for:” and the choices are Naturalization, Status as Permanent Resident, or Other. Make sure and check the “Other” box and specify K-1 visa!!!!

Form G325A Biographic Information of Beneficiary

This is the ONE FORM that your Alien Fiancée(e) must personally sign. The best time to do this is when you are together, as it saves having to mail it to them, get it back, etc., if at all possible.

***Take note that the amount charged for the K-1 was changed from $75 dollars to $95 dollars in October 1998. This change was NOT shown on the I129F form that we filled out, but they will not even look at your case without the correct amount in there.