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Sponsor Letter from Social Security Administration, showing Disability (2 photocopies)

NOTE: I am disabled and unable to work, so I supplied them with this info instead of employment info. If you are employed, you need to include the letter from your employer and tax returns, and possibly other miscellaneous materials. Detailed instructions are included with this form from the INS.

Sponsor Bank Letter (2 photocopies)

I just went into my bank, took all of my bank statements from the prior year with me, and had them write a letter, on their letterhead, which included the account number, the date the account was opened, the amount deposited for the last year and the present balance.

Co-Sponsor Employment Letter (2 photocopies)

Same advice as on the Sponsor. Co-Sponsor Tax Return 1998 (2 computer printouts) Sponsors will need to have tax returns also, but I donít file as I am disabled.

Co-Sponsor Bank Letter (2 photocopies)

Same advice as on the Sponsor.