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Personal photos (8 Originals, contained in plastic 4 pages of photocopies)

These need to be labeled and placed in plastic holders. I used ziploc baggies (grin)

**The following are what we sent in, to be used as examples of possible types of information that may be included as proof of having met.

Receipts for pictures taken in August 1998 (2 photocopies)

Engagement Announcement (Original and photocopy)

Alien Fiancé Passport Visa page (2 computer printouts).

Alien Fiancé Passport stamps (2 computer printouts; dated August 1, 1998 and December 25, 1998)

Flight Boarding Passes of Alien Fiancé (2 photocopies each)

Alien Fiancé Airline Flight Itinerary, dated August 1998 (2 photocopies)

Alien Fiancé Airline Flight Itinerary, dated December 1998 (2 photocopies)

Rental Car receipts (2 photocopies each)

Campground receipts (2 photocopies each)

Alien Fiancé Visa Credit Card receipts (2 photocopies)

Miscellaneous Touring receipts (2 photocopies each)

**If the sponsor has a passport, it would be a good idea to include it with this information. I had applied for mine, but had not received it by the time I mailed off the K-1 application. Another good source would be telephone bills.