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Letter from Officiant to perform ceremony (2 photocopies)

We had set our wedding date as June 25th, 1999. My pastor, who will be performing the ceremony, was happy to provide a letter on church stationary, stating who he was and that he had agreed to perform our ceremony on this date, and that the church was reserved for this date. The chances are as of now, slim to none that we will make our date, but we can always reschedule, and said so in our application.

Joint bank account opened 1-15-99 (2 photocopies)

The day before Pascal had to return home, he and I went to the local bank to open up an account for him. There was one stipulation however: I had to become a joint owner in order for him to get one, as I have a social security number and he does not. Banks are supposed to also allow the use of Tax ID numbers, which can be acquired by an alien Fiancé(e), however, I do know that not all banks will accept this. At some, it is a social security number or nothing. Just an added note here….It was a wonderful feeling knowing that the two of us actually had our first legal tie to each other after we opened this account. Walking out of the bank with this knowledge felt like we had just reached some huge milestone (Giggle) I can’t really say what attributed to this feeling, but I think it had something to do with the realization of the amount of trust we had built up between us. It just made us feel a bit closer, somehow. :o)