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Our Wedding Plans

We will be formally announcing our engagement to the world at aNew Years Eve party that Pascal and I will be hosting. Right now,we have plenty of ideas and dreams for the perfect wedding, butno solid decisions will be made until after Pascal is here in December.We will be posting plans and ideas as we go along, so please bearwith us right now *grin*

Okay okay....we finally have an official date here!! :o)  Our plans kept getting changed for one reason or another. Our first wedding date was June 25th, 1999. But that was rushing the K-1 process just a bit, so we moved it to October 2nd, 1999. But the plane tickets were waaaaay more expensive when we wanted them. However, if we waited until November to fly, there would be a 900 dollar difference. So we waited....and thank goodness we did!!  Medical problems with me cropped up once again. I should be up and running in my new prosthesis by November, when I will go to Holland to meet my new inlaws and pick up my Honey :o) for the REAL wedding date....we have set it for January 15th, 2000. And this is the final and actual more moving *grin*

We are moving right along on wedding plans. We will have pics taken and scanned in as we get things completed. Everything but the dress, that least until after the ceremony....(Sorry, Babe) 

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To Go Until The Wedding Day!