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Our K-1 Nightmare

Pascal and I have to admit that we were going blindly into this territory *Sigh* We were under the VERY misleading assumption that all we had to do was to get married within 90 days of his being here in May of 1999 in order for him to be able to stay. Boy, were we ever wrong!!!

We have since learned that there is so much more to the whole thing…and are forever grateful to all of those people who are in a similar situation who took the time and energy to post their experiences and all needed information on the subject.

As of now, (November 3, 1998) I have received the first packet of paperwork from the INS to get the ball rolling. However, there is a catch to our plan (Isn't there always>?< ) :o)

The problem we have encountered is the fact that I was disabled in a car accident over 4 years ago, and had what is to be the last surgery on my legon September 18th. (As of now, the cast comes off in two more days *YAY*)

According to my doctor, I should be through with all surgery, and should beable to return to work full time in possibly February. But this leaves us up in the air on the Affidavit of Support, which is a vital part of the Immigration since reforms were made in 1996. We have friends who are willing to cosign with us, but it was a horrible moment when I first read this online.

So, as of now, we are basically sitting on our hands, waiting for me to be able to return to work before even filling the first of the paperwork. We plan on doing it all together when Pascal is here in December.

Keep checking here, as we will be adding posts as well as K-1 info links as they become available.

UPDATE (3-6-99)

The K-1 paperwork officially began on January 13th, when we pulled out the material while Pascal was here. He signed the appropriate forms, and we began making a list of what we needed to compile. And it was PLENTY!!! *Grin*

As of now (3-6-99) we have a pretty good timeline going. To check it out, click here.

Now, let me take this time to tell you that this process is far from easy!!! But, if you are sure that this is the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, it is worth everything thing you have to go through to get it :o)

First things first, you need to order the correct INS forms to fill out. For the K-1 visa, you can find and order the needed forms from this website: INS and they are mailed to you in about 10 days….there is no charge. But, do yourself a favor, and when you get them, photocopy them blank first, and then use the photocopies to fill out….We ended up having to wait on extra forms to beordered because of this (sigh)

The following is a copy of our index that was included in our K-1 package.I originally found this in the alt.marriage-usa visa newsgroup (which, btw, is THE place to find the answers to almost any K-1 question you could possiblydream up!) and adapted it to fit our needs, but cannot remember who post edit to give them the credit for it. If anyone remembers, please email me! To find more specific information and our personal tips on the topics, just click on the category links. To check out the newsgroup, go to the News Group

PLEASE NOTE: We are not legal advisors, and are posting this material to be used only as reference. Also note that the address to the INS we usedis for the Nebraska office. Please check with the INS to find the service center you need to apply to.


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